Oculus Rift VR 3D sculpting

予告したように、Patreonの後援金でOculus Rift CV1を購入しました。

私の最初の計画は3D printerも一緒に購入して、一般的には購入できないエロした少年フィギュアを製作し
ファンたちにプレゼントしたかったが、高い解像度の3D printerの価格が...予算を超過します。(汗)
どうしても3D printerはもう少し予算を確保できるまで暫定的に延期を...
youtubeの映像で見ると、実感が沸かないが、VRを着用したまま作業をすると 実際目の前にフィギュアが存在するような錯覚を覚えるほどリアルします。

I bought Oculus Rift CV. VR is Great! Oculus Medium is Even more intuitive than Zbrush
so it was very easy to learn. I was able to make the first model in few hour.
However, I was experiencing a little bit of VR dizziness,but I think I will soon get used to it.
My plan was to purchase 3D printer and Oculus rift. I want a make a my original TOY(I mean figure) for my fans.
but, The high resolution 3D printer was much more expensive than I expected.

anyway! When you look at the YouTube clip, you can see that when you look at it, it doesn't seem realistic.
but when in the 'VR' it's looks so fuxking real!! I was impressed.

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