22 March 2018
16 March 2018
15 March 2018
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  • Yzak28 said More
    Funny what some people take with them on a dive :) 3 days ago.
  • Yzak28 said More
    Just heard about your trouble with paypal. I am so sorry, man. This is really crazy. Seems like... 6 days ago.
  • Alnilam said More
    Your unique style is clearly visible also in 3D. 6 days ago.
  • Alnilam said More
    Thank you for this very nice story! 6 days ago.
  • Alnilam said More
    Excellent 3D scene, thanks to your artistic touch. I like it a lot.
    Still I think that the... 6 days ago.
  • Yzak28 said More
    I often do poses myself when I am not sure if it looks natural enough. Sometimes even do a photo of... 6 days ago.
  • AmakusaHiroshi said More
    Yes, I dosen't setting any Physic simulation was applied to the arm part.
    Full parts Physic mode is... 1 week ago.
  • Yzak28 said More
    The Chains on the legs are really good. Fixing chains that they look right can be a pain in the ass.... 1 week ago.
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