This is a remake of my work 3 years ago, but I failed again this time.Slightly better than little, but there is still many wrong point.I'm still a bad, may be I'll try again when I become more proficient.

後援金監査します。 (やった! これからは毎朝シリアルを存分に食べられる!) / Thanks! From now on I can eat tea and cereal every morning :-)

なかなか素敵に鍛えられた肉体だね。しかし、私たちと戦うために鍛えたこの肉体はこれからは私の素敵なおもちゃになるのだ。くくく / what a wonderful muscle for fight our army. But after today you will be a my dirty sex toy. :-)

The boy made a reckless attempt to test his ability.
But, The boy soon became surrounded by many enemies and defeated helplessly.

That boy's remaining life will be a terrible nightmare.

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