I've been don't use the game production software for over a year, so in order to make a new game.
I have to learn how to use it again from the beginning. But at least I can learn it more faster than my first time.

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Yzak28 2 hours ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
The new attack animations look great. I found a few things: After the boy collapsed doing push-ups and recovered, I ws doing Juming Jack, he continued doing Jumping down ...
AmakusaHiroshi 4 hours ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
The character control engine had a problem. may be better now. By the way, what is good for the title of this new game? I still haven't decided on it...
AmakusaHiroshi 4 hours ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
About current exercise / Yes, The current action must be reset. Of course I can make a cross Input. But it work is need so many time(Square), and I thought ...
AmakusaHiroshi 4 hours ago GAME SUPPORT PAGE
Thank you, until I found a better perfect way to make it transparent, I removed it. However, Now you can use the camera's operating style and the powerful ZOOM, so ...

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