That boy's remaining life will be a terrible nightmare.

美少年スパイ丸焼き! SPY KID BBQ!

It illustration was made for my partner. he was big fan of fist fuck situation. lol! (I made a retouch little bit)

What a brutal rape... これはとても…

I'd like to lick my friend's nipple all day.

The rich creamy taste is very very Goooood!

They used a large quantity of drugs on the captured boy soldier.
Eventually, The boy was addicted to drugs became sex slave.

It's amazing! how do you Endure my punches in such a defenseless state!
Excellent! From now on, you are my new punching bag.HAHAHA!
I hope that my English text will help you understand the contents of illustration. :-)
The point of this illustration is great abs! lol!

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