So...Do you mean, $100 for the each 1 round of sparring? You bastard! You didn't say about this!

KENJI君のドキドキSUMMERバイト 1 : $200 part time job at just one Night? Really? I do! I do!
Bondage? Is it this kind of job? Ok, it doesn't care, if you only just taking pictures. But I'm a little shameful...

Yes...I'm lose to you. Please don't kill me... I regret challenged your great power! So...Please give me mercy.

Noooooo! Don't torture me please! I will talk to you everything! everything! So don't torture me! I don't want a Pain...please.

After completing the training of the special forces, he was filled with too much confidence.
I'm not afraid to torture me with stupid Rape!

A former soldier's muscular teen boy is rare in a slave market! You can use him for a few days with trained body and mental strength, and he can be used by several dozen people!


What!? Shrinking cement!? Please don't! Shit up!
How does it feel to break the your all bones slowly with the shrinking cement? Feel the weight of the sin that has against to us.

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