We'll burn you until you tell me the name of the employer.
(Rescue teams Please Hurry! I can't take anymore. This guys are more brutal than my expected)


h...huge!!...So My dick erupts regardless with out of my intentions now. No!! already my inside belly are destroyed. please somebody help me...

I didn't drop the whip on floor as you ordered on one hour! So, Please don't turn on the switch. I can't take any more! so painful! Please! Please! don't do that!

かわいい顔によく鍛えられた体。実際には滅多にないレアした組合。そのせいか、BOYSPANIC.COMの前身だったHPのタイトルはRARE ITEMでした。(笑)

impossible. If put this monster inside my ass, I'm must be going to die. please don't!

He was a killer sent to assassinate a skeleton empire executive. But, the operational information leaked out, so he was failed.

腹パンチシリーズ2回目です。 何年前頃に似たようなイラストを作った記憶があるため、人間サンドバッグIIでのタイトルを決めました。ところで美少年の喀血はいつ見てもテンションが上がりますね。(笑)


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