焼きごては狂喜される素材ですが、体に痕跡が見苦しく残るので以降のシーンを連結することが困難します。 それでイラストではほとんどフィニッシュ・シュチュエーションで活用しています。

I'll pull out the couple balls again. Ready~ / No! don't do...

Monster Hatchery, please use the heroes captured alive!
Heroes lay monster eggs until the moment they die. Instead, they get endless sexual pleasure.

Hmm Next is here! if you fainted I will wake up you everytime with a ice water.
You will have to feel all the pain until all your genitalia is burned down!

please let me down...I'm going to really die... I don't want a die! please help me!


It will be destroy your anus! HAHAHA!
w...what the! noooooooo! don't do it! please don't!


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