No! Don't do that! It's So huge! fucking ridiculous! shit...bastards...someday, I will must be payback to you.


Now, we will have a physical exam before sell you.
shit! anal is mess! what the... How many sex did you have with the mens?

They kidnap cute boy and produce AV. It is to secure the operational funds of their organizations.


you was won karate match at yesterday. isn't? unfortunately,
The boy...is the son of my boss. So, Boss is very angry now.

Patreonのハプニングが発生しなかったら、、12月にはNintendo switch購入する予定であったが・・・(涙)
My Dec plan was 'buying the Nintendo switch. but Patreon shock has been screwup my plan...

K's arms are tied and terrible Lynch is continuous! Now they're ready for finishish him!
Oh my god! Finally Kei's little Jr popped out on the pants! It's So Small and cute! but...dirty! It's dirty!

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