やはり、拷問には腹パンチが除外されればいけません!  Sure! belly punch is an essential ingredient of tortures!

もうこのシリーズ、かなり多くの分量がなりましたね。 どうも近いうちにシリーズの専用館を別途分離しなければならないようです。

A : ははは…こいつ初めてとは思えないな。 B : おい!、歯が当たっているぞ、気を付けろ!! う…ううっ…すみません。

美少年・スナイパー討伐 #1
I attach the Japanese script. Using Google Translator will help you understand the scenarios.
I was surprised at the variety of nationalities of visitors to my website. So I thought it would be a good idea to provide text scripts.

Now, what is your choice? / Okay...I do. The place where he is hiding is ...
Oh! Good boy! Come on, tell me!

He is Ready. Hojiro Sama. / Ok. good job. I give you a chance to confess before I torturing you. Hmmm...This is your last chance.

There may be people who have already noticed, this boy's hair style is same with HIKARU.
Only the hair color is different. ^^

When the lord died in the war, Hideyoshi began to kill all lord's childrens for get the power.
The guards all surrendered to Hideyoshi, but two ninja boys had guarded him To the end.

ここ数日の間にテンションがかなり下落しますね。 どうしても年末だから何か浮いた感じであるためか...

案外、このシリーズを気に入っている人が多いようだ…^_^; Hmm...more people like this series than I expected. unexpected result.


After a brutal whip torture, the boy's whole body was covered with wounds. Then They poured salt water on the boy fainted.....

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